SharpEar Multi Channel Acoustic Camera Simulation

SharpEar is a open source “Microphone array” simulation project.
SharpEar simulates a “Microphone Array” and “Room”.
User can add voice, noice, moving voices in to the Room. After User selects a .wav file and a position for this sound in the room; user can trigger beamforming . According to the position of the “Microphone Array” and “Sound Sources” beamforming will color the room. User can choose a “Sound” as “Noice”, “Voice” or even a Moving “Voice”.


  • Room Simulation For Microphone Array
  • Wav files will be read and could be attached any point in the room
  • Sounds could be categorized by User as noice,sound or moving sound.
  • Beamforming and Room Coloring according to beamforming result in each point
  • Speaker Identification
  • Adaptive Beamforming according to speaker identification

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